In this post I have a interview with local artist Kgositsile Sbonokuhle Mavimbela stage name Kingdeep

Read this interview to know his thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions on how he started as an artist and his journey in the music industry . Here is the interview.

Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your music career?

My name is Kgositsile Sbonokuhle Mavimbela, I was born in a local hospital known as, Rahim a Moosa that was located in the surrounding local areas. I was born and bred in Melville, Johannesburg. Gauteng.

This is how my journey started as a young boy who was loved sincerely by his mother. There are many reasons and question marks for how I developed and became a rebellious son, from being unconditionally loved and protected from all sorts of bad and evil influences and more, trials and tribulations, and specific private and confidential things I cannot mention for good purposes, but I’m investing all my energy and strength into becoming a righteous son of God, a respected and honored man one day.

I dealt with the confusion of being involved with the love for music and it started to burn with eagerness, and determination every time I use to sneak out at night to Newlands as penniless and as young, as I was, I was a reckless, rebellious; untrustworthy bastard of a son.

I was lost in confusion in the back of my own mind’s subconscious and I couldn’t resist the urge to just witness the nightlife. Every time I use to be out late at night or the whole night in Newlands, I would always end up in a tavern that used to be and still is next to a local Dj who I knew all because of a huge gap in finance in my family and also because I had no money or received some financial income from anybody, I had to face and overcome my struggles.

As soon as I learned how to master virtual disk jockeying I told myself I’d take it upon myself to learn how to make people dance through a device that allows you to synchronize as many as 4 channels using CD’s. Surely a senseless journey only for my love for music and slowly it started making sense.


What inspired you to start playing or making music?

What made me start playing music was a question I asked myself “good enough you’ve learned, are you just gonna relax because now you’re a self-taught disk jockey?” Time passed by and I realized I wanna start making music but I had to start somewhere


What were some of the challenges that you faced while crafting your music, was it an easy journey?

I wasn’t well respected as an upcoming Dj by any local DJ’s, or any other upcoming DJ’s who’s still in the learning process as myself, but everyone just basically used me all the time, expecially the ones who made me their ‘Freebie performer’, abuse puppet and personal slave. Fitting in has never been my thing, I always stood out in the crowd.


How do you live your life around your passion for music?

As a Dj, I have to be/become a professional. I must be capable of all sorts of skills, always be innovative beyond my mind’s imagination and also be able to develop and grow into a CREATOR, creating my own kinds of (NEW) projects and mixes and more. My communication skills must be on point, and your marketing skills and methods as an upcoming business owner who is still in the process must also be able to sell your brand as a Dj and even yourself as a product to the customers. You must be flexible.


Besides music, and making music, are there any other hidden talents that you have?

Yes, I have a few other gifts that I’ve been blessed with from the maker such as – Playing football, cooking, natural kid lover and kids loving me naturally, a guide to others, drawing and graphic designing and more…


Is there another artist you’ve mentored or trained? Describe what you’ve done to help them?

Not so far In my career, but I am always willing to help others and express my love through my actions and words to them.


Which skills have you gained that help you perform effectively as a music artist?



What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next 10 years?

Owning my own events company, and being a successful business owner.
Being a well-known Global Dj and respected by everyone because of my innovativeness.


Which is your ideal local or international artist to collaborate with and why?

I have actually not really thought of my craft and gift in such a manner but would love to collaborate with others.


Being a local artist, how have you impacted the local market to boost the local listeners in your country ?

I did and sometimes still do free Dj gigs as a Dj at local taverns, pubs, clubs, for events, and more.


Do you give back to the community as an artist, and do you encourage young listeners to persuade their dreams in music industry in your country ?

I started at the age of 18 years old to encourage and speak life into the lifeless and to be a guide to the lost and blind sheep, I am for the ones in need.


What is your most favourite performance you have done so far, tell us about your experience?

I haven’t done my best performance yet, but I am looking forward to doing it in the nearest future.


The tough question, which most listeners are not aware about, how do you deal with performance anxiety ?

I am focused and never really get distracted.



What do you do if you make a mistake during a performance?

I continue and mix better after the mistake has occurred.


Have you ever participated in any music competitions, tell us about your experience.

Not yet.


We see many artist branching out into brands and having their own brand clothing, have you considerate having your own brand?

Yes I have considerate making my own brand, but still working on it.

What is your greatest achievement outside your music career ?

Gained respect as an upcoming local Dj and rapper amongst many, even now in the present.


What do you do in your spare time as a music artist?

During my free time, I spend time with other creative artists, inspiring authors, designers, DJ’s, and more. I am still in the process of adapting, developing, and falling completely in love with the different sorts of talents I’ve been blessed with.


What do you find the most frustrating as a music artist and how do you motivate yourself to keep going?

As a daily motivation, I listen to Deep house music because it gives me urgency, it makes me curious to dig deeper into my capabilities, but on the other side it also gives me the determination and the courage to be able to keep on pushing my passion, remaining persistent, consistent and devoted at what I love and am blessed with until the very end. I have to complete the calling.

Listening to old school and some new school hardcore rap music such as boombap, underground rap, freestyles, gangster rap, and more was one of my main keys/methods that I used and still use as inspiration and motivation until today in my present life, all because of the brutal truth these variaties of artists deliver through their music.


South Africa is still evolving and the local artist are yet to receive the recognition they deserve. What is your best social media strategies that helps you to gain more listeners.

I follow the process and have patience.

I am grateful that Kingdeep took the time to respond to this interview, watch this space because he is planning to go big in his music career, do listen to his music via the following links and experience the deep expressed lyrics.


Facebook: Kgosi Mavimbela , Kingdeep

Soundcloud: Kingdeep

Booking Contact Number: (082 831 8714)


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