about me

About Me


After travelling to various places both nationally and internationally and experiencing the world from different perspectives, meeting many different people, I decided to jot down all my thoughts and experience into one place. Read bellow about me and how the blog came to be!

Before I started working, I was fortunate to travel, in which I learned so much about different walks of life. Born in Gqeberha, a small town with a great beach, which I can’t exchange for anything, it’s my love at first sight, but deep down I always had the urge to spread my wings, so I moved to Cape Town, the place I’ve always dreamed to stay in. Here I stayed for sometime, learning so much from the people, the culture and why people simply love Cape Town. The coffee, the slang, the mountains and nature kept me captivated, so much that my friends often thought I’m from Cape Town. As much as this was home, I soon found myself exploring a new city. Read my┬áJozi┬áexperience.

Why blogging?

From a young age I have always been into art, acted in a few shows, in which I also grew a passion for writing, I wrote a play once, with a close friend of mine, unfortunately that play was never performed.  Nevertheless, art always inspired me to do more, I tried debating, orators later I also did some b-boying (a hip-hop style of power moves freezes and combinations, which is also known as breakdancing). You might think, this guy is so talented, but actually what I really am, is an introvert. Which just happened to enjoy writing, in an attempt to express myself.

After many years I decided that I will share my experiences so that it may serve as a record that people can relate to but moreover inspire to engage in life with a passion.  Many of my writings will give input, perspective, observations, and reviews of life.  How I see life from my side, but in no attempt to change your perspective.

My Job

I am working in the education sector by profession. In my free time, I enjoy taking walks, viewing nature, and listening to music. Besides that, I like to stay in touch on social media with my family and friends, as most of them are staying in a different city.




Favourite Music

Amapiano’s & Hip Hop


Favourite Food

Pizza, Spicy Noodles, Hot chips, Pap, Stew and Chakalaka


Favourite Chocolate

Dark Chocolate


How I got my name

Inherited my grandfathers names


How I started my blog

Always dreamt of having one, my journalist friend

helped me to make the dream a reality


Instagram: @georgebooysen

Twitter: @georgebooysen_

I hope you enjoy reading!

ÔÇö┬áGeorge B