In this post I have a interview with local artist Roman Hufkie  stage name Romieboy

Read this interview to know his thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions on how he started as an artist and his journey in the music industry . Here is the interview.

Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your music career?

I am born and bred in a small neighborhood known as Schauderville (the ghetto) in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Raised by two parents in a shack in the back of my grandparent’s yard until the tender age of 7. At age 8 both my parents passed away due to a chronic disease and that changed my whole life.

Ever since the age of 8, I grew up in a children’s home and have been part of the government system until the age of 16, ever since then my whole life has turned in many different directions and my journey became a journey of aloneness and developing maturity before my age, I had to be responsible and start living like a man until now.

What inspired you to start playing or making music?

Music came naturally, I started writing music, poetry, and stories that matter since the age of 13 years old.

What were some of the challenges that you faced while crafting your music, was it an easy journey?

My journey has always been unpredictable and will always remain the same way. I faced several challenges, and temptations overcame multiple obstacles, trials, tribulations, and so forth, I experienced both good and bad and righteousness and wickedness. My life has never been a child’s-play.

How do you live your life around your passion for music?

I write almost daily, or if I don’t write I freestyle and practice all sorts of vocabularies and lyricism.

Besides music, and making music, are there any other hidden talents that you have?

Yes, God has blessed me with many talents. Gifts such as self control, discipline, patience, love for all people’s, designing and set designing, editing, videography and photography, lightning assistant and creative graphic designing and more…

Is there another artist you’ve mentored or trained? Describe what you’ve done to help them?

Yes, I’ve guided and mentored a couple of upcoming artists and creatives; I am originally a record label owner.

Which skills have you gained that help you perform effectively as a music artist?

Always being innovative and be able to create your brand and trend, such as my record label – which is – (The Messiahs SA Records), my slogans and trend names – (Pure Honesty),(Rapfessionals),(Be you. Do you), and a few more…

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next 10 years?

Being an official business and record label owner, successful and one of the most inspiring storytellers through my acting, writing and music, live performances, motivational speaking, and designing and behind-the-scenes works.

Which is your ideal local or international artist to collaborate with and why?

There are a few artists I would love to work with due to their uniqueness and being different, representatives of the straightforward pure honest brutal truth. Where they come from, inspires me, and who and where they are now in their careers motivates and pushes my energy and innovativeness beyond my mind’s limits. A few artist names: Eminem, Technine, Twista and a few more.

Being a local artist, how have you impacted the local market to boost the local listeners in your country ?

At the very moment I haven’t been marketing my music and writing projects on a higher level, but I have been locally famous as an artist in Port Elizabeth and now I am an artist rising out of the shadows in my new hometown Johannesburg.

Do you give back to the community as an artist, and do you encourage young listeners to persuade their dreams in music industry in your country ?

Yes, I always have been inspiring and motivating all people through my music, I am all about pure honesty and saving and guiding the lost and wrecked souls. I have worked and volunteered in several children’s homes, drop inn center’s, npo’s, and so forth, I was even a childcare worker assistant and early childhood development tutor and that was another opportunity I used to share my music with the unprivileged. Ever since the year 2014, I performed for free in most impoverished neighborhoods as another way of me giving back.

What is your most favourite performance you have done so far, tell us about your experience?

My favorite performance took place in 2019 when myself and an ex-signed artist who was signed under my record label recorded a collaboration known as – (Like Damn), this song we performed in many pubs, local taverns, and sometimes in public.

The tough question, which most listeners are not aware about, how do you deal with performance anxiety ?

I perform and focus on one individual in the crowd.


What do you do if you make a mistake during a performance?

I carry on.

Have you ever participated in any music competitions, tell us about your experience.

Yes, I have. Through this experience I learned that we all have different gifts and that each and everyone’s gift is different and cannot be made a comparison; a gift is a passion, not a competition.

We see many artist branching out into brands and having their own brand clothing, have you considerate having your own brand?

I have my own brand known as (Slimy Rhymes) and (Rapfessionals)

What is your greatest achievement outside your music career ?

A few of my greatest achievements is winning a prize at the Northern Arts festival which occurs every year in the Eastern Cape, and earlier this year in February I recorded my very first movie which will appear on screens such as DStv and Kyknet in October 2022.

What do you do in your spare time as a music artist?

I better all my talents and invest in the needy and gifted artists in need.

What do you find the most frustrating as a music artist and how do you motivate yourself to keep going?

In the music industry and entertainment industry, you have to be the difference. My coping mechanism is meditation.

I am grateful that Romieboy took the time to respond to this interview, watch this space because he is planning to go big in his music career, do listen to his music via the following links and experience the deep expressed lyrics.

Instagram: (@Romieboy960224), (The Messiahs SA Records)

Youtube:(Romieboy), (The Messiahs SA Records)

Facebook: (Roman Hufkie), (The Messiahs SA Records)

Soundcloud: Romieboy musiek The Messiahs SA Records

Alternative Whatsapp Booking Number: (082 831 8714)


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