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A Rising Model, Singer, and Actor Making a Difference and Impact in her Community!

Shadé Anderson chases her dreams but plans on leaving no one behind

My long-term goals are to give back to the community and to let them know that dreams do come true. Work hard and don’t give up. Believe in yourself!

It all started when she was still a toddler 

From a young age the rising star, Shade Anderson has been chasing her dreams. She sang in the church choir, participated in modeling events and recently she starred in an acting debut “Acting with the Stars” which was aired on local television in South Africa.

From her childhood days, she had a dream to perform, to go on a big stage and sing. Her voice now even uplifts the community as she inspires and invites the youth to participate in the modeling show that she organized in May 2023, to keep the youth off the street.

She already started working on her songs at a young age

At a young age, she wrote a song, which she hopes to one day share with the whole world.

Not only does she sing, act, and model but she is also an amazing dancer

She is a multi-talented artist who recently did a live interview on Algoa FM, fulfilling one of her dreams since a young child, singing and touching the hearts of thousands of listeners.

She continues to put in every effort toward her dreams

It is with no exaggeration to say that Shade’ Anderson’s hard efforts, determination, and patience in a booming industry will one day pay off.

Her inspiration comes from her mom who motivates her 

Her mom has installed the belief in her to chase her dreams and to be patient as “God has bigger plans for her”

Ever since then everything that Shade’ takes on, she does with hard work, a positive attitude, and a bright smile on her face. Against all odds, she continues to chase her dreams and remains punctual and dedicated to all the opportunities that she gets in the arts industry.

She believes that networking and showing up is the key to her success

She continues to meet new people and take on all opportunities toward her dream.

She would like to encourage young artists, to take on their dreams, work hard to achieve them, to be humble but most importantly to not forget the people who help you and support you in your journey.

She has many plans for this year and is determined to achieve all her plans.


Modeling show

She plans to make the modeling show a continual event and would like your support if you can help with sponsors or donations so that the show can grow and help more girls to aspire to chase their dreams.

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