In September 2021, the release of Danko by Musketeer ft Azmo hit many African countries by storm, such as South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. A song that many Yano fans have been eagerly anticipating! 


Fast growing genre

Yanos is a term for people who make and enjoy amapiano music. A music genre that was born in South Africa and is now a genre that dominates more than international songs. The genre is huge, so much that when you stop next to your fellow citizens in traffic they would be jamming to amapiano’s. It’s also transcending borders. On TikTok, the #amapiano stands at over a billion views. 

Amapiano over a billion views 

Amapiano means the piano’s in Zulu, one of South Africa’s 11 official languages, spoken by about 12 million native speakers and some neighboring countries. The genre started back in 2012 and is a style of house music. A blend of deep house, jazz, and lounge music, carefully selected synths, airy pads, and baselines.

Danko becomes main hit on YouTube 

What makes Danko by Musketeers ft Azmo such a great song is that it was made by Namibian and South African artists. When the track hit youtube, many comments flooded in uniting many Namibians and South Africans. You will only really understand why this song is such hype if you listen to the beat! Such unique carefully crafted baselines.  

Over 3 Million views

The song has since September 2021 reached over 2,5 Million views on Youtube and later over 3 Million views, which is quite a milestone for vibrant musicians from the local street of Walvis Bay, Nambia. Georgio van Wyk (stage name Dj Jojo), Tangi Tuyoleni Ngihipetekwa (Dj Skull), Tokyo Berrid Manjara (Dj Zonesh) which forms The Musketeers and Azmo on the vocals from South Africa.

Local song become international hit amapiano song 

They originally crafted Danko in appreciation for their fans, those who made it possible for them to do music. Danko is the same as the Afrikaans word “dankie” which symbolizes acceptance and appreciation.

They make music to escape reality and indeed if you listen to this track you will experience a moment of joy and grove, it has such unique crafted beats to it. 

Danko also now becomes new  word for saying Thank you 

The song has not just taken the music scene by storm but also now Danko has become the new way of saying thank you and dankie across English and Afrikaans spoken people. Although the majority of the song’s lyrics mean thank you, below is an attempt at what the actual song means in English: 

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to the original artists of this song, and this is an attempt of explaining the lyrics and will be updated as soon as I get a more clear translation from the team who tried to analyse the lyrics: 
Note: It was extremely difficult as the rap part is fast:

The song consisit out of Zulu, Setswana, Swati, and English words:

Ayalala x4

Ngithi chilla na ma’babes (I’m saying chill with the babes)

Asisale na ma’babes (let’s stay with the babes)

Asihambe na ma’babes (let’s leave with the babes)

Awulalele X2


Danko x7 (thank you)

Ulalele X5 (listen)

Beat drop… 

Fast rap: 

Bathi bamphethe mamela bayambiza

(They say they have him/her, listen they are calling him/her)

Father dankie ( Father thank you) 

Give me proof

……….  ……..

This are my people x 2

Danko x7 (thank you)

Ulalele X5 (listen)

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However Majority of the song is about the Musketeers and Azmo thanking their fans who have made it possible for them to do music and we as the listeners can only but thank them for bringing such vibrant song that has made both Namibia and South Africans proud.

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