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Art has evolved a lot over the years, from painting, and sculpturing to modern-style digital drawings. Over the last 3 years, I had the privilege of meeting various artists and learning from their unique techniques within the art industry. In this post, I will introduce the unique style of the digital artist that has taken their art to another level.

Art within us all

We have all done some art at some point of time in our lives, I remember in my primary school days I explored drawing Dragon Ball Z characters, later I got art lessons from a friend in Nederlands until I found something I’m passionate about, which is vinyl designs and t-shirt printing.

Different kinds of Art

There are so many different types of art! In Cape Town, I once had the chance to see drawings created with spray paint on cling wrap by another fantastic artist. We were up in the mountains doing a time-laps for a local company.

Meet Vee

It’s easy for talented artists to get lost in the crowd in the world of art. Hence I want you to meet Vee, a self-taught digital artist who has been producing magnificent digital images for years.

Art with a different approach 

The reason I enjoy their art is that it has taken a different approach to art and brought out a different style to art, if you are into Halloween and scary things you would love their art. The creativity behind such designs is not always easy but for Vee, the creativity comes naturally.

Vee’s work

The attention to detail, the dynamic use of color, and the ability to vividly depict fantastical realms define Vee’s work. They can produce astonishingly lifelike graphics that practically jump off the page. Not only do they do digital art but are also talented with pencil and painting drawings, see one of their amazing pieces, exhibited in 2022.


Artist: Vee | Hours: 20 hours

Why their art stands out

Vee stands out from other digital artists in part due to their openness to experimenting with creepy, scary, ominous, and off-putting art methods. They are always trying to push the limits of what is possible with digital art and even explore tattoo designs. If you looking for a great artist to design your next tattoo, they can make your vision a reality.

They are never scared to attempt new ideas and are constantly looking to push the boundaries of what is possible with digital art.

Check out their digital space on Instagram

Vee is still mostly unknown in the realm of digital art despite their evident talent and dedication. If you have watched Wednesday the series, you might have learned an important lesson, yes Wednesday was goth and dark but she also cares a lot and was mostly liked by society.

Although this artist explores more scary art, it still has so many good elements to it and one can learn a lot through Vee’s art.



Artist: Vee | Hours: 20 hours | Insta Page: Circusveins


Artist: Vee | Instagram Page: Circusveins



Artist: Vee | Instagram Page: Circusveins


Artist: Vee | Instagram Page: Circusveins

Check out Vee’s work, whether you enjoy digital art or simply enjoy dark scary pictures. You won’t be let down!

Follow them on Instagram  for an art request or a tattoo design request

Instagram handle: @circusveins

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