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A fun fact, did you know that in 2021, statistics show that there are slightly more males than females in the universe. Weirdly I thought, maybe that confirms why I’m still single after all these years, even with all the dating apps out there! I had my fair share of relationship experiences when I grew up, from awkward reserve shy dates to the serious, marry me now kind of relationships.

The ex-girlfriends

I’m glad I haven’t walked into any of my ex-girlfriends yet, apart from unintentionally seeing their profiles in the news feeds on social media, as I have stayed friends with a handful after break up. I still can’t comprehend the fact that I haven’t found the right girl yet. As I told you in one of my recent posts, the importance of friendship that I found myself having more female friends, sometimes my friends call me the ladies man, perhaps statistics do prove why there are simply not enough ladies out there for all the gents.


Over the last three years, I must say that meeting new people and building friendships through getting to know them has allowed me to not only become a bit more confident in myself and getting out of my box but also has distracted/kept me busy from my dating life these last few years. From time to time I find myself installing and uninstalling apps on my cellphone. Different ways of maintaining online friendship and sometimes I even meet great friends who become readers of the blog.

The dating App

This morning I found myself re-installing the Baboo dating app, this must have been the 30th time I have deleted and re-installed the app on my phone. Am I that desperate to date again? Perhaps it just took me some attempts to figure out how the baboo dating app works.

The swipe function in the baboo app

I only discovered today, that that I’ve been using the swipe function wrong all 29th times that I have downloaded the baboo app. Instead of swiping right for like, I have been doing it wrong all along. The swipes provide a leap into seeing a photo of the person on the other end of the app as well as a short bio as seen below. I like the quick snippet view, it gives you a glance into what your prospect partner likes, their first date expectation, or whether they are just interested in being platonic friends or something more serious. I mostly use the baboo app to get more friends who could potentially become readers.


Baboo is a free app with a premium option

Free things are always exciting, but in the world of apps, it means that you receiving the bare minimum functions. I learned it the hard way, after about 40 likes, my swipes were exhausted and I needed to buy more credits to enjoy the premium features. On the baboo app, you receive an inbox from time to time, showing your match or who has liked your profile. You can’t see who this person is on the app, unless if you upgrade to premium. It will cost you about R200 for 550 credits that can allow you to unlock certain features. The most expensive, R800 for about 2750 credits to use. Is this why the singles haven’t found their right matches yet because of apps that make it almost impossible.


How does the inbox look like in the baboo dating app?

The inbox is split into two panes, one where you receive your direct messages and another that displays your activities, such as who you have matched to a while ago. The baboo dating app also comes with color dots that represent different online availability options. Green means that the person is currently online and the purplish color represents that, the person wants to potentially chat with you. There is also an ask question game in case you don’t know what else to speak about.


Yay or Nay for the baboo app?

For starters, the interface makes it easy to use however all the good features are hidden within the premium option. Apart from all the above-listed aspects of the baboo dating app, there are also a few other interesting things about the app. Baboo matching is based on photos and attraction and not true capabilities. Baboo utilizes user and photo verification to reduce fake accounts. Over 60 million active users across the world, with popular viewers from South American and Europe.

Last remarks 

Somewhere out there might be your soulmate. Before it allowed you to link your account to Facebook, which I assume might increase your chances of finding someone on the dating app that is closer in your circles as it can suggest people on your social media. Ultimately what the aim is of the Baboo dating app is to increase the chance of those people who are seeking a serious relationship with long-term potential.

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