My childhood dream 

Growing up, I always had two hopes and dreams I wanted to accomplish in my life. One of it was to become a doctor, at age 15, I already had my own doctor’s coat and stethoscope. I always had this passion to help people. Later my dream weighed more to the law side. As this was an even stronger urge to help those who are surfing injustices. I wanted to stand up for those who don’t have a voice and represent them in court.

A childhood filled with fun, young, free running in the grass after school. Often hanging out with friends but often on my mind the strong urge to help people. Year later, I now work in the Education sector. And I can still see how that urge I always had are being fulfilled today. Students are forever grateful for the direct impact we as educators make in their life.

Educators Outing 

With the half-term break in the first term, some colleagues at my school and I went to Molly Malone Fourways for a night of crime and wine. This was the closest I got to be a lawyer, a room packed with several teams unsolving a murder case. Each one their table a case file, possible evidence, and a newspaper. The adrenaline rushed through, as my team and I try to unsolve the case. Crosschecking alibis and statements from the suspects to see if the autopsy matches the suspects’ claims.

Living my dream for the night 

We arrived at 7 pm and step into a nice freely spaced well-lit restaurant. Packed with tables, each team has its station to work from. On arrival, they gave us a sample test tube, tagged, which was in the form of a shooter shot. This sample was not part of the evidence, but later in the evening, if you had a particular corridor number, you won a prize.


As each team still made their way to their table and a few of our colleagues arrived late. We started ordering platters, which I think was the highlight of the evening for me. Mainly because I love food, especially the little sausages and calamari pieces

Crime Night Begin

We were given the task to each choose a name for our team, I have never realized how thinking under pressure can make your creativity hit from 10- to 100% in no time. The team names were so funny and nicely selected for the crime evening.

Late Arrivals 

After our late team member arrived. The place became packed. Not just our school but also other members of the public joining in on the fun. This isn’t the only event that Molly Malone hosts, they are also popular for hosting the Haunted Maze evenings on Halloween eve, where they go the extra mile in making sure the level of horror is achieved via the decorations and they also host amazing quiz and trivia evenings.

Admiring the atmosphere of Molly Malone Fourways 

Talk about a restaurant that goes the extra mile in keeping its customers on its feet. With all these superb team-building events. One would assume and think, what can a restaurant possibly pull off in preparing these events. They go the extra mile, in terms of preparations making the games as real as possible. For example when I saw the post-mortem sketches, it looked like the real deal.

How did the Crime Night Work

The Crime and Wine evening was narrated by a narrator, and the teams had to listen carefully to his instructions to know what to do. If they listen well and carried out all the instructions carefully. They would win an R1000 cash price at the end of the day. The team that I was in, particularly was interested in winning. They were planning to add the prize money to the tab. However sadly we did not win the first prize. But one group from our school was able to get 1st place and we made it into the top 6. We won a bottle of wine.

Close enough being a Lawyer 

Although I don’t work as a lawyer today, I am thankful for Molly Malone for at least giving me a close enough experience. Being able to work with my team. To solve the murder case was fun and an experience that can only be fun if you try it yourself. If you have played the mafia game before. Like I have with a bunch of friends when we went on a road trip once from Gqerberha to East Londen. This is even a better mafia, a crime scene that requires you to think out of the box.

Like the Mafia Game 

In the Mafia game, one can usually pick up who the murderer is, because their body language, tone, and alibi would make them suspicious. However, at Molly Malone, they went the extra mile in hiding the clues deep in the alibi, newspapers, and police interviews.

Extra Molly Malone Experiences 

They also have an amazing Roadhouse: where you can enjoy a meal served to you car while enjoying yourself watching classic movies, new movies and live sport

If you would like to be swept off your feet like I was, visit Molly Malone’s Facebook page for updates on when the next crime night will be, or for other events you would be interested in.

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