Hi everyone! We all know that reading does not always come naturally for all of us, especially not when it comes to school textbooks. I think the last time I read a good educational textbook was my science textbook in high school. Filled with interesting formulas and methods. Surprisingly years later I came yet across another great book, the Woema Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal Teksboek en Werkboek

I tested the book and experience its effectiveness.

Many of you might not know but my native language is Afrikaans. A language derived from Dutch, during the 17th century. A language voted as one of the sexiest languages in the world. Ja ek kan ook praat ja ( Yes I can also speak yes..)

During my years of learning Afrikaans as a language, we hardly had textbook assistance, you just learned it as you have come to know it.

When I started using the Woema Book as a textbook with the students, I specifically liked the detailed rules of the language they revise in each exercise, and the unique activity to test your knowledge after your revision. In this way, it can help you to self-study and improve on the subject.

Themed material

Each curriculum section in the workbook is themed accordingly, which helps with vocab building but also for a variety of topics within the book


Each activity section is mainly divided into three sections: Begrip, Kommunikasie & Opsomming, and lastly Taal. These sections form the core assessment learning of the language:

  • Begrip: Your comprehension skills are practiced
  • Kommunikasie & Opsomming: Your visual texts and communication skills are practiced
  • Taal: Your ability to do language structure conversion is practiced

Vocab Development

I love the conversational and transactional activities, as it helps the student to think and improve their vocab in the language.

The most important reason why you should get this book for your child is the fact that the book comes with many activities based on all the language sections covered in the school curriculum. This will aid as a way for your child to practice and even makes notes in the book while they learn from their teachers.

Experienced Book

Woema has helped many students and has been around for 10 years, many students enjoy the interesting comprehensions the book offers.

In conclusion

If you are looking into getting extra-help books for your child for Afrikaans I would recommend the Woema Textbook and Workbook

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