Based on the 2021 Netflix recommendation I listed in a previous post you probably note that I’m not a fan of horror movies or series. Well, not because it’s scary, but because the plot in horrors movies is so predictable. However, this morning as I watched some trailers on youtube I came across, Megan.

Megan is a new horror, thriller, and sci-fi movie, set to be released 2023 in January. Created by the producers of Annabelle and The black phone.



She’s more than just a toy, she’s part of the family.


For some reason when I saw the trailer, it made me want to watch this horror movie so badly.

Horror mixed with artificial intelligence, drama, dancing, and even scary crawling. A must-see Horror even if you are a person like me, who has a minimum interest in horror movies. See the reasons below why Megan is a Horror not to miss.




Primary Audience: Adults 

Genre: Sci-Fi Horror

Length: 1hr. 42min.

Year of Release: Jan 2023




Gemma (Allison Williams) a brilliant roboticist finds it hard to be the guardian of her niece, Cady (Violet McGraw) who lost her parents in a tragic car crash. She feels unequipped to take care of her niece, however, promises to do everything she can to make Cady’s new surroundings feel like home.

Gemma later shares with Cady one of the projects she has been working on at work. A robotics project and dream she had since she was little was to create a perfect doll that could protect a kid from ever feeling lonely or sad.

Cady meets Megan

Before Cady introduces herself to Megan and before they hang out as typical good childhood friends, Gemma gave specific orders to Megan, emphasizing her sole purpose to protect Cady from harm both physically and emotionally.

Megan and Cady spend lots of time and become best friends. However, the robotics team is concerned that Megan and Cady are forming too strong emotional bonds that can be hard to untangle.

Gemma in shock

As the family sits at the table one evening having supper. Gemma decides to turn Megan off after a fallout at the table, but Megan responds even after she was switched off.

From Doll to Killer

Megan tells Cady that she will not let anything harm Cady ever again. She’s more than just a toy, she’s part of the family.


I’m looking forward to watching Megan because it’s different from other horrors, it has a nice storyline to it. If you are into horror movies, give Megan a try and let me know what your thoughts are. I will do a follow-up review after watching the movie.

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