Hiring professionals for your company or brands does give you the advantage of growing your company in the right direction. The same goes for premium services, it allows you to enjoy all the hidden features.

Investing in the right tools

Premium services mean that you are ready to pay extra costs, you increase your spending budget so that you can produce a quality brand and product for your customers. I read on Facebook the other day where someone post something along the lines of; growing a company is a talent but establishing it needs brains. How much are you willing to strategize with professionals and premium services to get your brand notice?

After I did some research on this saying I found something similar and it goes as follows;

Having the right skill

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. This quote by Tim Notke made me reflect on how much effort I have put in so far in making sure I achieve what I want with my brand and whether I am ready to dive into all the paid services to boost my brand visibility. I had to take risks sometimes but also learned that one can accomplish everything you put your mind to.

Be willing to spend 

I build my blog from resources on the internet; Youtube and articles. The only time I paid for something was for a specific template I wanted and it cost me like $15 for it. Youtube can help to an extent but you have to dig deep and compare videos to find the knowledge that you can work with, I often had to rely on my mentor’s knowledge at times. Especially for something where I felt I could crash the code in my site. The other advice I got from a coding friend is to always save what I am experimenting with and then I can always add it back in if I happened to crash something.

After purchasing the $15 template I now have access to the developer’s knowledge, where I can occasionally ask him for codes If I want to tweak something on my website. I guess it’s true, premium services open many doors.

My first website 

When I started my first site, Uravelled Thoughts I used WordPress.org, WordPress gives you the option of choosing between WordPress.org or WordPress.com, you can read the difference hereWordPress is the largest site-building software on the internet. The reason I choose WordPress.org was that it gives me the liberty of self-hosting my website and gives me the liberty of accessing all my site files and code.

I often like to play around with code so that I can produce the best possible look for my site.

Learning Coding 

Youtube used to be my go-to place at first to find cool idea’s on how I can edit things on my site to give the best experience to my readers. Until I found WordPress.org Learn features, which give you the liberty of learning from community members around the world. A free space where you can learn from well-known developers and software engineers.

I attended one of my first workshops a week ago and I was honored to learn from well-known developers. WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL, and licensed under the GPLv2. It is also the platform of choice for many individuals and companies over 43% of all sites across the web.

Learn via Meet up group

The sessions and communications are held via the Meetup.com group, in which you can rsvp and save what you want to learn on your calendar.

The reason why this is an exciting opportunity is that you get to learn in real-time, learning what to do and what not to do over a zoom call. They also record the session, so that you can always go back, in case some of the explanation was too fast or if you were not able to make it to the Meetup.com

These are some of the things you can learn:

  • Creating a sidebar, using full Site editing blank template
  • Podcasting with WordPress
  • Adding custom CSS to your WordPress site
  • No-coding techniques to showcase your images on any device
  • Understanding the page editor vs site editor
  • Using block patterns
  • Supports in theme.json
  • Headers and footer full site editing
  • Hello blogs

If you are a passionate website designer and you would like to share your skills with other people around the world, they also give you a platform where you can facilitate a Meetup.com

All thing coding and optimization via Learn Features on WordPress

Through these platforms, you will be able to master the skills around WordPress, coding, and how to build your brand or business online, so that you can achieve the perfect online experience that you would like to achieve, and that’s the brain that will allow your talent not be too wasted but allow you to grow your brand and establish it the right way with advice from the professionals.

Over the years experience has been my best teacher, which a textbook could not teach me. I feel that even in schools we must be taught to solve problems and not to memorize things.

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