I realized that many of my peers were watching anime, but I didn’t know what this was about.  Some attempted to explain to me but it wasn’t clear to me what this is or what the hype was about it, all I knew is that both young and older peers were watching it. Later in 2015, I got some suggestions from a few friends who wanted me to try out this cool anime they watching. I then gave it a try, but it wasn’t instantly that I had an idea of what this was.

You might have wondered what anime is about. No, it’s not cartoons, many people do confuse it, I too thought the same back then. After my first real experience with anime, I came to understand why this was a popular thing, why many were captured by it. Let me tell you the difference, cartoons are when photographs are used in a sequence. Anime, on the other hand, Japanese styled film and television animation which is aimed at not just children but also adults to enjoy. I know, this is still confused, it also took me a good five-weeks to understand what it is all about.

Maybe my experience with anime might give you a clear explanation of what it is about. My friend suggested that I watch Bleach, I gave it a try but even after I watched three episodes, I wasn’t really into it yet, until I watch a few more episodes after that, weeks later only. When the plot of Bleach started to be painted, I quickly figured the storyline, the part where Rukia was set to be executed for going against the rules of the soul society. This was the part where I got captivated. You can’t base your interest on only watching one episode, an anime has many episodes and you need to give yourself time, the story builds up first, but after four episodes you should know if it’s one you like.

The reason why I tried it and how I got hooked to the storylines that anime offers. Because of anime style and how the characters, the setting is designed always changes, as animators try to bring the best experience by their drawings. The plot is very complex, there is a build-up of events, most of the anime can be enjoyed specifically by adults as they can relate with the character traits, emotions, and growth. Although most anime has a lot of episodes, what is good about it is that one episode usually is about 20 minutes long, which can pretty much be enjoyed at any time during your day when you have a moment free and not sure what to get up to.

People find entertainment out of anime because there are so many genres and so many different kinds to choose from. The first time I watched it, I could relate to the characters. Many anime can help you in your character, just how reading a book can help you learn something in life anime has the same effect. Overall, most anime is based on true friendship and loyalty. Anime involves a lot of good vs evil which can help you to see the ugly side that some humans can have and how you can deal with it but also with how you can have life lessons to get through your own enemies in your own life.  It can be enjoyed by watching the dubbed videos as well as subbed videos, generally, you can experience the characters better when you watch subbed version.

I had a very capturing first anime experience. I enjoyed it so much I ended up binge-watching for weeks to finish it as I wanted to see what happens at the climax of the anime. I was so hooked that some times during lunch I would watch 2 episodes. It allowed me to skip the real world for a short while and it was the best decision I made when I gave anime a try. Those who enjoy relaxing and want to free their minds, this is definitely the remedy. All it takes is for you to do some research and find a genre or specific anime you interested in watching.

 Every day the numbers rise in those who enjoy watching anime. This is by far a good investment that one can make. It can be enjoyed at a few finger clicks, there are many online streaming sites that you can watch it at.  Or you can find your nearest anime fan, who will definitely hook you up with his/her downloaded collection. The good thing about it all is that anime is a common topic of communication among many people. Besides just the anime, you also get to experience the Japanese culture and inspirational advice from most of the storylines.

If you going to start your very first anime, I would suggest you trying Death Note. It’s a very short anime. A kind alert, you might become addicted to anime but it is okay, it’s all worth it!

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