There is nothing as scary as waking up late and rushing to get things done. Regardless of how many times you prompt to yourself “come on, almost done” or “I’m so late”.  We all might have had a day like this before, you’re late for work, the traffic! Your mind and hands just can’t function fast enough. You rapidly trying to work against time, but as we all know the proverbial time waits for no one.

This is a nightmare that no one ever wants to experience and not only is it frustrating but also puts you behind for the day, resulting in what we call a bad day.

How do you prevent having a bad day?  Your day needs some planning to it, something as small as giving the thought of what your day will be like are some of the small steps in what we call schedules, routines, and to-do lists. Which are usually the habits that bring order to your days, such as checking your meetings for the day, your emails and daily activities?

Planning is crucial and the survival kit to achieve optimal productivity for your day.  Even urban cities had to be planned carefully and still today they function. With carefully thought and dedication, you can function with ease throughout your day-to-day life.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

To plan is like laying the foundation of your day, start by jotting down in your dairy specific things that you need to do for each day and tick down when you have completed them.  If the foundation is in place than the house can be built, no house can be built if there is no plan.  Sometimes we tend to mentally plan in our head, but then it’s easier to forget, your day needs a plan that acts as a blueprint for the day.


What else does a house have that allows it to stand firm? Bricks and pillars. In your day-to-day life, we often avoid the bricks. The bricks are activities that can usually cause backlogging. These are such as cleaning your room, brushing your teeth, doing the laundry, ironing, packing your bags. Try to have set times for when you can give attention to these necessities. It’s good to have specific times, for example on Saturdays is laundry day. Be specific in setting exact days or times that these can be executed, this helps with accountability. Remember these can’t be overlooked, every delay or lack in doing these can take up extra time in getting your pillars perfected. Not only does it affect your more important tasks but also usually the reason why your day delay.

The pillars, on the other hand, are your more serious tasks, for example, work deadlines, financial planning, self-development, budgeting, and future planning. These aspects need careful planning. Use a planner and set aiming points in it. These aims need to have concise and clear objectives. If you can see your plan and goal every day, you are then reminded of it.

Make use of sticky notes, calendars or online management tools to help you manage yourself. Make sure that these notes are easily accessible that you can reference back it at any given time.

It’s important to make sure that these tasks receive adequate time for managing them. Breaking down your goals into smaller tasks, which you can monitor on a day-to-day basis.

Those who plan will succeed and are a step ahead and less likely to fall behind or forget crucial due dates. Planning does not involve you having to be serious all the time, but for you to know what you need to get done and using a method of scratch done tasks as you get things done.

Successful people

Besides just luck or being a privilege, many successful people need to be very dedicated.  They usually put in a lot of effort. If you do things repeatedly it becomes a common practice. Most of them wake up early and get work done. After getting tasks done, they debrief and reflect on the day. The simple you keep the practice of your day-to-day routine; it becomes efficient and effective.

Starting small

Give yourself the time to start at a gentle pace and have fun at the same time, while practicing your method of planning and fulling tasks.

You can wake up early drink some tea or coffee, while you write down all the tasks that you need to fulfill for the day. As you complete them tick them down. Later the day you can reflect and see what you have completed.

Reflection is important so that you can identify weaknesses. By identifying this you will have time to plan and do better the following day.

There is no right or wrong way of a daily routine, the aim is to make it simple and to execute every aspect of it. Not only will it be beneficial but make your life more organized.

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