The summer season, the time when days become hot and long. You feeling unusually hot, sometimes wishing to just climb in a fridge and cool down. Or you wish for a nice cold swim or sitting at the beach experiencing the nice breeze. Summer is the time everyone enjoys, but sometimes being scorched by the sun is no fun at all. That’s why we grab whatever we can to stay hydrated. What is your go-to drink for sunny days? What keeps you hydrated but also energized at the same time?

I have come across a few drinks that are soothing and fitting for hot summer days. Most of them can be made at home in your kitchen. You only need a few ingredients and a blender. These are some of the recipes I have explored with and certainly loved it. You might want to adjust some of the ingredients or steps according to your preference or taste. Below is a list of some of the concoctions you can try, feel free to let me know how it goes.

Ice coffee
Ingredients: Coffee, milk, condensed milk (secret ingredient), ice

I have tried quite a fair share of ice coffee versions, from crushed ice to ice mix with ice cream. My personal favourite is ice coffee with regular ice. The smaller the ice, the weaker the strength of the coffee becomes. The aim is to get the best strength and flavour from the coffee otherwise the coffee will taste watery.

The problem with crushed ice is that the crush changes into water quickly, causing the drink to become watery. If you want to get the best flavour from ice coffee, try to use regular ice, the ice you buy from a supermarket, or that you make in the ice trays.

Get a large cup and place coffee in it, try to make a strong mixture of coffee (2 spoons and less than a quarter of hot water, double shot amount). Take condensed milk and place 1 and a half spoons of condensed milk in the cup, mix the coffee and condensed milk. Place ice in the cup (not too much). After that pour some milk into the cup, the aim then is to mix all the contents thoroughly. Grab a straw and sip from your perfect mix of ice coffee.

Frappé coffee
Ingredients: Ice, coffee, honey, milk, whipped cream and sprinkles

What is frappe coffee, basically just coffee that is blend longer until a substantial foam has been achieved, and also all the other fancy things that are added giving it the sophisticated name. I once went to a market and tasted a frappe, then I went home and tried making my own.

You will need a blender, place ice in the blender (a fair amount of ice). After that throw in ingredients. Put two full spoons of coffee then add 3 spoons of honey, followed by 1 and a half cups of milk. After all the ingredients have been added blend it together until the ice has been beaten.

Throw the mixture in a cup and put whipped cream on top with some sprinkles. This is nice to sip while you tanning out in the hot summer.

Banana Smoothie
Ingredients: Ice, peanut butter, banana, honey

For those of you who are not big on coffee but enjoy nicely blended smoothies, this recipe might be a keeper. You can adjust the ingredients to your preferences.

You will need a blender to mix all the ingredients. Place ice in the blender with a fair amount of bananas, you don’t have to cut it into small pieces. After placing some bananas add some honey, 3 spoons should do. Then the final ingredient is peanut butter. Put in 1 to 2 spoons of peanut butter. Mix it all and you will have a perfect smoothie, let me know how it goes.

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