The house music market in South Africa has exponentially grown over the years, regarded as the best, however the underlying question, does it get the necessary exposure on an international level? Social media like YouTube can help with exposure to some extend, example Danko by Musketeers ft Azmo 

In South Africa, a very diverse nation, there is nothing as feeling home as when you experience the uniquely tuned and carefully selected beats that are selected by South Africa’s renowned DJs. Whether you in a taxi or at your friends, events or even an evening at your favourite social hangout aka club, for others volume up in their cars. These beats will captivate you, and have electrolytes run through your body, sometimes it can foster deep thoughts of belonging or remembrance, but mostly it unites.

I have been thinking for a while about how uniquely styled the house music is in our country, it is evident everywhere in our local domains, you find yourself nodding to a track, another exercising while listening to their favourite track. In my sort of work, having to prep for school, I have discovered that listening to house music, helps me to get things done. Before I sat down to elaborate my thoughts on the house music scene of South Africa and the identity it has brought to our people, the sense of belonging and feeling of pride. I have had a moment of carefully appreciating how blessed we are for having the most skilled DJ’s in our continent while listening to one of our prominent DJ Black Coffee, edit on DakhaBrakha – Yagudki (Bedouin Remix). I was moved by the careful scribbling and editing. The house music that we have brings us alive, helps us get through the day.

After carefully examining some of SA’s tracks, one common connection among the different genres such as kwaito, gqom, and late piano-led house music, amapiano is that it tells a unique story. Each track is produced and constructed in such a way that it can open your mind, not just that but for you to put your grove on. Black Coffee believes that SA is a platform for African producers that need to be projected into the global market. Yet because there is no record label structure in SA to release the underground music, as a result, it is why certain songs don’t reach wide stretched markets. In his efforts to address the awareness, his plan is not just for Abroad to come and sign big deals but for SA to do its own thing and revolutionize the skill that has grown rapidly in the country.

Each year the citizens are eager expectation to hear the new hit songs when Skeleton by Master KG and Banomoya by Prince Kaybee & Busiswa & TNS arrived the festive was sparked and in all celebrations, people were unified and this is a true depiction of the house music identity in SA.

SA has diverse talent in the house music market, besides those who did not reach world recognition yet, we still have great manufacturing in new artists, producers, and DJs. There are many new faces trending and many of them come from trial and error. The stories behind these artists will give you hope, it is an inspiration to the listeners. Such as Makhadziwho only started getting more publicity after Matorokisi ft DJ Call Me; Thandi Draai who always had a passion for music, told her mom she wants to do something in music. Her mom encouraged her otherwise to study something on the side, but after realizing the course was not recognized, she still believed in her dreams, even after her mom gave her three-year financial support cut off period, she went on and used every opportunity to build who she is today with little resources. The proverbial never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about and never give up on your dreams. SA’s art tells a story, and when you listen to the house music that’s produced you can resonate and understand the deeper meaning behind it. Moreover, it emphasizes the amount of effort and dedication that went into making it to the point where the listener can experience the love of the music.

Despite SA’s local music not reaching the global recognition it deserves yet, it has certainly stirred a wave of unity throughout the country. When people are gathered, a lot of diversity is blended; they all sing along and dance unique styles designed in the beat of the house music. The ones who have pioneered our house music abroad are now at the forefront, groundbreakers in expanding the market for SA’s talent.

For them to have made it big in the global market, it brings a sense of pride and installs unity among South Africans, stirring the young and old to desire to follow a path they followed. It is, without a doubt, that house music has significantly imparted and given identity to many South Africans. This identity is deeply rooted, something the world is yet to understand.

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