How to unlike all post on Twitter

How to unlike all post on Twitter
Since the launch of Twitter, more and more users joined the platform. An estimation of about 340 Million tweets a day. A platform that could sometimes overwhelm you when you scroll through it. Here is a way of clearing up some of the digital chaos and unlike certain posts that you no longer find interesting.   Maybe you are reconsidering your brand and wish to start over. See below a quick way to unlike bulk posts on Twitter using  ...


Megan – Official Trailer

Based on the 2021 Netflix recommendation I listed in a previous post you probably note that I’m not a fan of horror movies or series. Well, not because it’s scary, but because the plot in horrors movies is so predictable. However, this morning as I watched some trailers on youtube I came across, Megan. Megan is a new horror, thriller, and sci-fi movie, set to be released 2023 in January. Created by the producers of Annabelle and The black  ...


Last Minute Christmas Gift Shopping

As the year quickly comes to an end the exciting “gift” season rolls in. A time of giving, where everyone tries to either spoil themselves, others, or even the less fortunate.   This year I had the privilege to have Christmas with a twist. First, at work, we pulled team member names using an online link and purchased gifts based on the person’s wishlist. I loved this idea as the link helps and assists you while doing your  ...