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Beyond the Ordinary – Circusveins Digital Art

                                    Paid Service Art has evolved a lot over the years, from painting, and sculpturing to modern-style digital drawings. Over the last 3 years, I had the privilege of meeting various artists and learning from their unique techniques within the art industry. In this post, I will introduce the unique style of the digital artist that has taken their art to another level. Art within us all We have all done some art  ...

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Olivetti 4024MF Mono Printer – Altechnology

Paid Service  You might have often heard around you, that we must save the trees. Or you felt bad if you overprinted something or if you pressed the wrong button on the printer and it just continued printing without stopping? We all have felt or experienced it before. I have thought a lot about how long papers and printers will still be around since the digital world has taken over so much. Although advertising has grown in many forms like  ...


Google Skills for Africa – Free Courses

The online world has evolved so much! The time we spend on the internet has also grown exponentially to such an extent that our phones have become an extension of ourselves. How well do you know the internet and how it works? Will we keep up with all the advancements?   Developers have found unique, creative ways for us to shop fast via the online world. Also for us to be able to connect and learn via various platforms on the internet.  ...