I have been avoiding writing about lockdown or anything relating to the lockdown for the longest time! My friends insisted, but I didn’t feel that’s it’s something original to write about, and besides it’s a sad time that the world wouldn’t want to remember but in case they do this will be a record of one of my days.

06:15 Alarm
My alarm goes off, normally I would wake up before it and sleep until the following alarm (7 different alarms in case the worst happen). On a good day, I would open my eyes and start processing for the day, which is usually the case during a workweek. As I open my eyes, looking for my phone that got lost somewhere in between the blankets. My eyes are adjusting and finally set after my body completely switched on.

In the cold, I get up and prepare what I call the fuel for the day, a cup of coffee. After I switch my laptop on and making sure all that I need is ready at my workstation. I jump back into my bed sipping on my coffee, scrolling through emails and social media, making sure to leave the light on in case I fall asleep again. Now and then peeking at the clock, counting the segments of the clock down until 8 am.

8 am Work
Thankfully I still have a job, so many South Africans, unfortunately, lost their jobs during this time, working from home is convenient, sometimes we take advantage of it, laying in bed until the last minute.

Hopefully, my thought process and coffee sipping, mentally prepared me for the day as I run through the plan for the day in my head. In 10 minutes then my first lesson starts, enough time to quickly get in more chat time with a friend of mine in cape town, who also happened to wake up early to start her day.

After my first lesson is done, I feel such a relief after overthinking this poem I had to prep the previous day which just didn’t make sense. Before the next lesson start, I listen to some music, telling myself that I just need to hang in there the day is almost done, I swear it has been just one long day since the start of lockdown.

The advantage of having your kitchen in the next room and quickly making a snack to nibble on is such joy while I finish an episode of Modern Family which got me laughing by myself. I love watching something during the break it allows me to momentarily escape the reality of the state our world is in. Sometimes if it’s freezing, I would jump back into bed just to keep warm but with the sad task of making sure I keep my eyes open otherwise I would find myself in dreamland.

Other days I can’t dare to be lazy as sending emails or marking assessments takes priority. If it wasn’t for technology most human interactions at a distance would have been so difficult. As I sit at my desk, I yearn for a time that we can all be freely outside again without having to be scared of the invisible threat. I walk to the window and peek at the sunlight shining in and thinking to myself it’s been a long time that the only safe place is at home, will there be a change one day, I sigh as I continue with work.

As I go and pour a glass of juice in the kitchen, I reasoned that I should probably go to the store to get some stuff as it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I went out but before I can go, I have a few emails to send. My laptop has become something I spend the most time with lately. I should probably get glasses after lockdown.

Before I go down, I wash my hands, throw a sanitizer in my pants pocket, put a mask on, and to be extra safe one more layer of a mask. I remind myself that I need to scan through the products and have a 30min time limit to spend in the store. In the store, I keep my distance and try to get out as soon as I can.

I feel a bit angry at the person behind me in the line who is not playing their part, the more I keep a distance the more the person moves closer to me. On my way back as I see the tree, plants, and blue skies, I’m filled with peace again and I forget about the fellow shopper earlier. It’s so pretty outside and it feels amazing to experience nature which I miss the most during these times. I pause a moment and wonder how we’ve ended up in this mess, the pandemic has caught us at surprise I’m still in denial how it has brought so much life to a standstill.

I open the door and go into my apartment, lock my door, and silently hoping that things will change soon. I look at the time and suddenly remember that it’s my day to cook, at least I have learned how to cook during lockdown. Read more: 5G & Data Costs 

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