For the last 10 years, I have not watched a single television show, the last memories I have of tv shows are Dragon Ball Z at 5 pm on SABC 2, if I missed it, I would wake up for the replay in the am hours, despite the drag of the show I stayed committed, always wanting to see what’s gonna happen to Gohan and Goku, their power and character development. The show kept me captivated.

Other than Dragon Ball Z the other show I would carefully plan my day around was 7 de Laan, the drama happening at that time had me want to keep watching it. The show was in Afrikaans, my native language. Which made it more interesting for me because I love being able to express myself in my language. For most of my life, I was surrounded by English spoken people, thankful to my school teachers I was able to learn English, otherwise, I would have not survived most of my life, as almost 99% of people speak English around me.

Every night I’ll be at the tv by 7 pm sharp, ready for the un-solving of the drama in the tv-show. 7 de Laan’s timeslot has changed over the years, from 7 pm to 6 pm now. There are still many people who don’t go a day by without watching, but if you did, you could also watch the Omnibus on Sunday.

Over the years television became overrated for me, I always felt like it was a repetitive cycle. I don’t deal well with having the same routine over and over. I need a change of scenery, I need new adventures to keep me interested in things. Many things over the years became overrated. My occasional attendance at parties during my University days is now overrated. Even dating became boring and overrated over the years.  At least some people have not bored me yet, not saying that I would not get married, I will one day when I found the right girl.

At Uni I had the liberty of unlimited wifi, and although Youtube started in 2005, I never really explored it much until the year 2011. The most I did was watch a music video or I would play music off it as if it was my HiFi player. By this time, I have already stopped watching tv, the only thing I would watch was movies from a memory stick. Even when the TV was in our living room, I would always rather spend time in my room. Watching a movie on my laptop and most times, chat with my friends on Mxit.

I am very particular with what I watch, if it does not keep me captivated then I become easily bored, so much that often I need to first scan through to the movie to see if it will be something that I like, otherwise I would not watch it at all.


Vlogs were happening those years, but I only really started watching Youtube vlogs when I moved to stay in cape town in 2015. Youtube had a variety of things to watch, which helped me not become easily bored with it, by that time I did not particularly subscribe to any Youtube channels until I realized that there are YouTubers out there that upload videos daily. Because of their dedication, I started watching youtube as much as I could.

Every evening before I slept I would search for content that I like and then watch until I feel tired. Later I found some interesting Anime to watch and started being more into that. My first official anime was Bleach, I watched it on an anime website called watchcartoonsonline.

366 Episodes later, after completing bleach I would come back to check things to watch on Youtube. Bleach ended with a cliffhanger and the return has been pushed back for some time, it’s believed that it will return in October 2022.

There is nothing as frustrating as finding something amazing to watch but then you need to wait for a long time for the follow-up season, but we are forever grateful for the preparation that production teams go through in bringing the best sensation to us.

Years later I now find myself almost always busy to the point where I only really get time to watch Netflix during holidays time, so for quick shows I still return to Youtube.

One day I typed in short films to watch and it showed me a list of short videos available, I started watching some of those award-winning short movies which had a duration of about 3 minimum to 20 minutes maximum at the most. I love these short films as often I can watch 6-7  at a time just before I sleep instead of watching a full-on movie, which I might stop if it’s not good enough.

That’s when I found Omeleto, a channel filled with lots of short videos, I became so hooked that I almost watched all of the 604 videos that it currently has uploaded. It is a quick way of watching a short video, the channel has different genres so one would have to carefully scroll through and select something that interests you.

I must applaud the creators for creating these short films, some of the films are well thought through with unique plots. One day if inspiration hits me then I will start writing material for short movies.

Head over to Youtube and check out Omeleto so that your brain can release some cortisol and dopamine, which is certainly the best way to end a stressful day at work.

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