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Hi everyone! I got some exciting news to share. I had an exciting opportunity to work with another creator in Johannesburg, an aspiring photographer, and musician, Wesley West.

We went out in the early morning of the week and we did my first official photoshoot. I felt like a famous local person. Especially the way the drivers in cars and people looked at us passing by.

This is not unusual to see in Johannesburg, in fact, Joburg creators often have a different style to their work, the style where they live their art, go the extra mile, and even dress the art. Often I come across street recording scenes or photoshoots in progress, young talented artist telling their stories, whether via social media or digital media.

That is ultimately what makes the passion run through the young aspiring Johannesburg creators.

At first, I was quite nervous about the photo shoot, and even told Westley how I’m not much of a natural poser.

Usually, it makes me nervous if people look at me taking pictures.
However, with his guidance and ideas, we did an awesome street shoot and a coffee shop shoot.

Here are 5 things I learned through this photoshoot

1. Practice many poses

Make sure to research as many different pose ideas from google, Instagram or Pinterest. In this way, you can have different poses and angles to try out on the shoot. Practice full body angles and portrait angles in front of the mirror until you become natural with the poses.

2. Confirm Shoot Details

Always confirm ahead of time with your photographer. Many shoots depend on the weather conditions, which may result in how your shoot turns out. Staying in contact with your photographer also allows you guys to discuss pre-shoot ideas.

3. Be Well rested

It’s important to be well-rested the night before your photoshoot. So that your face may look as bright as possible on your shoot day (unlike me who had work until the am hours finishing work for a client).

4. Be wardrobe prepared
Most photographers limit the number of wardrobe changes you may do during the photoshoot. Plan, iron and pack out your choice of clothes you want to wear for your shoot a day before and have them ready on hangers for your shoot.

5. Own your confidence

As much as I was nervous, and anxious about the shoot, however with the photographer’s guidance I was able to regain my confidence. If it means you must block out those staring eyes around you, do that in confidence.

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