As the year quickly comes to an end the exciting “gift” season rolls in. A time of giving, where everyone tries to either spoil themselves, others, or even the less fortunate.


This year I had the privilege to have Christmas with a twist. First, at work, we pulled team member names using an online link and purchased gifts based on the person’s wishlist. I loved this idea as the link helps and assists you while doing your purchases. This gift idea can also work well with your family if you want to randomize “who-buys-for-who”.

Being responsible to buy a gift for someone doesn’t just have to come with the burden of having to go to the shops and wasting money, but it teaches one to be kind and to care for people around you. Throughout December I also used the opportunity to donate to a children’s haven as a way of being grateful for what I have and sharing what I have.

It’s not always easy helping everyone around us, but even in small ways, we can bring about big changes.

Our family also tried a different approach this year. For the first time in almost a decade, we tried packing gifts around a Christmas tree, wanting to share in the joy of opening presents together. It was a joy to see everyone’s faces glow up as they opened their gifts.

Before the week of Christmas, I also did some personal shopping and rewarded myself with gifts, something I was very proud of as I hardly reward myself. Here is a list of last-minute Christmas gift shopping:

PS Study the delivery dates and read all the reviews well before you hit the checkout button.

I ended up having to make two purchases because I did not carefully check my delivery dates. This mistake resulted in me in not receiving my gifts on time.


Gift 1: Dell SE2722H Slim-Bezel 27” FHD 75Hz Monitor

I always wanted to create my workstation at home. Now finally with this monitor, I got I’ll be able to increase my productivity and hopefully even have more exciting updates for this blog. Using external monitors allows you to have multiple tabs open across two screens.


Gift 2: 4k Type C to Multi-porter HDMI Adapter

I initially added this to the cart, to fill up the delivery minimum amount. I already have one but decided since I’m setting up my workstation it would be good to have a second adapter. This adapter allows you to link c type devices to usb, hdmi devices. I use it to link my screen to my laptop.


Gift 3: Space Landing Protective Case for Macbook Air 13.3inch

Ever since I got my laptop, I never got the opportunity to purchase a protective case. I have the protective bag, but not a cover. Then during the December holiday, I was blessed with this from one of the readers, who decided to purchase this as a gift for me. I am extremely grateful!


Gift 4: Schwarzkopf SuperSoft Strength & Vitality Shampoo 400ml

This shampoo I added this to test out and see if it really does bring some vitality and strength to my hair.


Gift 5: Protex for Men Sports Antigerm Soap Bar- 12x 150g

In one of my recent posts, you might have learned I love bulk buying. I add these soaps to meet the minimum delivery amount but also to early stock up for my bulk toiletries for 2023

In conclusion

People love giving gifts to one another as a sign of care, kindness, and love, sometimes even surprising someone can bring a bright smile to their face. Most importantly we also need to make a habit of spoiling ourselves. Set time aside to occasionally spoil yourself. Having to wait for a delivery sometimes gives you something exciting to look forward to.

I hope that you may also find small ways to reward yourself.

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