The title might have you contemplated. Can there be shortcuts in life? Often in the city, we can navigate our way around finding the best and quickest way of getting to our destinations. Finding a quicker way sure does save time. However, can we apply this to our personal lives?

I will attempt to tell you of how this topic became evident in my life, based on what I have experienced and the decisions I was faced with, I will be able to highlight what my views are on shortcuts in life. I believe each person experience life in his or her way, it might have been different for you.

From a very young age, I was presented with a lot of opportunities. I was not even fully prepared to comprehend. Unsure of how to make the right decision, when you have two roads staring you directly in the face, how do you decide and make the right choice?

Study or gap year?

What if these roads seem the same distance if both can lead you to the same destination? This can make one very indecisive.

In grade 9, I was offered a full scholarship for a different school, a new environment, an opportunity to make new friends, a fresh start. Although this decision stared me in the face. It looked like a golden opportunity, surely having a new school would be a better, different city, an opportunity to start over. This, however, seemed like a longer route in life. I was afraid of making new friends or starting from scratch, rebuilding an academic profile and reputation which I already had at my school.

To afraid to move out of your comfort zone…

Sometimes in life, we are offered opportunities, we are faced with decisions each day. Do I get up and go out and play my role? Sometimes we might even be stuck in a routine or just simply want a change in our lives. The opportunity to have a different outlook on life. Sometimes this outlook manifests in having the opportunity to experience life from a different angle.

Of cause, no one has it easy having to make such life decisions, as this kind of life decisions particularly determines your day to day life. These decisions also determine how you conduct yourself on a day to day basis. What I mean with this is that you are more likely to wake up for something you are confident and happy about doing.

When shortcuts appear in your life, they don’t seem much different as per according to the book. They both seem the same. The only difference is that you will have a slight detour in your life.

Later in the years after wrapping up my studies I had a similar event. Should I commence with work or travel to a different city? Imagine having to sit down and decide this. It’s not a decision one can make quickly, a lot of thought needs to be given. Sometimes you might be comfortable where you at and you wouldn’t want to start a new chapter.

I see life’s shortcuts not exactly as shortcuts but as opportunities’ that are just differently constructed (arriving at different times).  However, you need to be brave to make a decision regardless of how the detour will take effect. Often it can be for the best, what you needed at that specific time or it could lead to a completely different outcome of your life.

When you faced with different options in life, look at it as opportunities rather than a shortcut.  Each opportunity is there for short-term or long-term. These opportunities build us and prepare us for a new chapter in our life.

Although I choose to travel first, then settle down, it has still had an immense educational growth on me. I learned of different cultures people and how people think and do things. This has prepared me for the day I started working and settling down, now I can use the experience I gained from my traveling in my workspace.

Next time when you reach a point where you unsure of what to do when you faced with different choices to make, remember regardless of what decision you end up making, don’t see it as you taking a shortcut, but see it as that you embarked on a new opportunity.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Every step and decision you take determines a new journey. It requires one to be dedicated and comfortable with their decisions and live every step because in the end there is always a destination.

In a nutshell, shortcuts in life, is not exactly you taking the easier way out in life, it simply means a different opportunity opened for you and you were willing to grab it with both ways.

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