Since the launch of Twitter, more and more users joined the platform. An estimation of about 340 Million tweets a day. A platform that could sometimes overwhelm you when you scroll through it. Here is a way of clearing up some of the digital chaos and unlike certain posts that you no longer find interesting.


Maybe you are reconsidering your brand and wish to start over. See below a quick way to unlike bulk posts on Twitter using developer tools.

What do your need?

For the best results, it is advised that you should use a chrome browser and the desktop Twitter platform. Using a cellphone will not allow you to access the developer tools, so therefore only use the Twitter unlike-method on a desktop browser.

Login to Twitter
Sign in to your Twitter account using the chrome browser by entering your username and pin. This method will allow you to unlike quicker than you unliking your likes posts one by one. Which can save you lots of time


Go to your Twitter profile
After you logged into your account, click on your profile and then the “likes tab” The “likes tab” will show you all the posts you’ve liked since you joined Twitter.


Copy this code:
Below is a text that you will need to add to your Twitter account which will allow you to unlike your post faster. Copy the text and go back to the browser

Go back to Twitter
When you return, make sure that you’ve clicked the “likes tab”. The text you copied above will need to be placed in the developer console area. This code will tell Your browser to scan the full width of your screen and to unlike all the posts within that width


Click the three dots
In the right corner there will be three dots, click on these dots, followed by more tools, and lastly developer tools


The developer tool will open up a bunch of options, Click on the Console tab and scroll to the bottom. Paste the text and press enter. This will instantly start unliking your post



After running the script it will remove all your post for you without your having to do it manually. The only disadvantage is that there is a limit to how much you can unlike in a day. The solution is to come back the next day and paste the code again.

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