In pre-school, I was always taught to show love towards my fellow human beings, how though, sometimes it can be as small as putting a smile on someone’s face via a joke or simply doing something small and meaningful for someone. I remember when I was young, I would sometimes send a letter to the girl I liked. Written by myself, but often spiced up with cheesy poems “my ink is up, my pen is dry, my love for you will never die”.

As years passed I then discovered that an actual month is dedicated to showing love. Although February is seen as the shortest month, with only 28 days and a 29th day every four years. It’s also filled with a lot of love, the month of picnics, sweet chocolates. The month in which loved ones spoil each other rotten in celebrating their love for one another.

The gents usually go all out, wanting to surprise their ladies with the best chocolates, jewelry, and roses. I was laughing the other day, at how often I used up all my pocket money just to make sure I surprise my girl well on the 14th of February.  From shop to shop, I would look carefully wanting to find the perfect gift, the things we do in the name of love. This love month originally was not filled with so much love or positivity, the way it is now.

It believes that Valentine’s day is named after Saint Valentine a priest who served during the 3rd century of Rome. Emperor Claudius II decided that single men make better soldiers than those who are married and with families. He banned marriage for young men. St Valentine realized the injustices of the Emperor and he decided to continue to perform marriage for young men in secret. When Claudius found out about St Valentine’s actions, he ordered that St Valentine be put to death. There are many other stories around the birth of Valentine’s day, however today it’s celebrated across the whole world.

I can’t recall a perfect valentines memory, but one day I remember from my childhood, was when I met one of my very first high school sweethearts. She and I went to a school dance once, in which it was meant to be an evening of dancing and having some cooldrink and snacks from the school tuck shop. I went to an Afrikaans school and she was English attending an English school, besides me being shy I had to speak my best English as well so that I can impress her well.

We arrived at the dance and I gifted her with a silver watch which I purchased the day before. She was so happy about the gift and the smile on her face made me feel at ease and happy that I could surprise her, as we were dancing in the middle of the dance floor in the school hall, she walked up to me and we shared my very first official kiss. I could not ever forget that moment as it was so special to me.

Imagine dancing in the middle of the school hall and someone special to you shares a kiss with you. Many years passed and she and I are still good friends besides never pursuing the relationship, I still would not forget that special moment from my past.

Since it’s valentines day, I thought of her and how she was the perfect gift for me at that time, how often do we celebrate our loved ones, is it only on special days or do we remind them daily about how much they mean to us.

Some people prefer showering their loved ones with lots of gifts, other people, on the other hand, make lifetime memories with their loved ones, which are sometimes in the form of pictures. Pictures of having lunch together, going for a hike, a walk at the beach, memories that cannot be exchanged for anything else.

Other people go all out in terms of gifts, what are perfect gifts to buy your loved ones? How do you spoil them this month? Below find links to some online stores that offer really cool online gifts that you can buy to spoil the person you love. Even if it’s not in the month of February, it can still be a great place to purchase nice gifts, if you want to surprise your loved one.


One way to spoil your loved one, not just for valentines day, but also an opportunity where you can order stationery, book experiences, for example, a day at the spa for your wife or perfume and clothing for her, what I like the most about this online store, is that you have the liberty of personalizing gifts. Imagine gifting your girlfriend a t-shirt with her name on it, or a pillow with a picture of the two of you on it.


At the beginning of the year, I was looking at some journals and diaries to get after reading Eat that frog, a book that inspired me to procrastinate less and to do more. I then found macaroon, an online store that sells really cute journals and personalized gifts. Who wouldn’t love a nice book with nice flowers on? They often have discounts on certain books, so do check out the site for nice gifts to surprise your loved one. I will definitely get myself a year and monthly planner for my blogging calendar with my personalized name and logo on it.

Eat at a fancy dinner out

As much as we are living in a fast-paced digital world, nothing ever beats the experience of spending time in person. Having a lovely dinner and chatting over a candle-lit dinner creates memories that you will forever hold on to. I like eating food and exploring new places. Here are some nice dine out places that you and your loved one can try in Johannesburg or Cape Town: Jozi Gin, Higher Ground Restaurant, Vivace Restaurant at Radisson Blue (Sandton), Cassia Restaurant (Durbanville) Azure Restaurant (Camps bay)

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