The online world has evolved so much! The time we spend on the internet has also grown exponentially to such an extent that our phones have become an extension of ourselves. How well do you know the internet and how it works? Will we keep up with all the advancements?


Developers have found unique, creative ways for us to shop fast via the online world. Also for us to be able to connect and learn via various platforms on the internet. Constant access at our fingertips.

Google Skill for Africa has partnered with various strategic partners and training partners about 7 years ago to create a platform for Africans (and many other countries) to equip themselves with all the necessary knowledge to boost their online presence.

What is Google Skills for Africa?

It’s a free platform for Africans to learn about the internet, how it works and how to be equipped for the advancements of the technological world.

What is the aim of Google Skills for Africa?

Good skills for Africa aims to teach all the skills to have an online presence, user experiences, social media, content creation, and understanding of the internet. Google Skills for Africa is a free platform to learn.

Core skills you can learn:

Content marketing
Online advertising
Mobile Marketing
Digital concepts
Selling Products Online
Brushing up on your existing knowledge
Business Strategies
Improve website ranking
Analytics tools to understand online performance

All these topics have been made in byte-size videos and quizzes to allow you to learn all things digital.

Various courses offered:

Fundamental of digital marketing
Get a business online
Make customers find you
Promote with Online Advertising
Understanding the basics of code
Business Communication


The Digital Skills for Africa is for all upcoming entrepreneurs or someone who is looking into building an online presence. Make use of this free opportunity and learn. I, have completed a few courses as well and am willing to assist if you get stuck. Feel free to contact me. See below how the certificate looks upon completion. 


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