Every evening after I have supper, I make some tea and set up my camp chair on the balcony, looking at the beautiful scenery. After a few sips, I find myself appreciating the little things we have, the skies and trees, a galaxy full of so many things. This is usually how I end my day off reflecting on where I find myself in this galaxy.

During the day I often find myself observing my surroundings, and questioning what is happening around me. I think it is important as people for us to have a certain time in the day that we process. Even in the computerized world we live in, a lot of processing is happening in the background, the processing that makes up the billboards, mobiles, computer screens that we see.

Apart from giving ourselves time to process we also need time to spoil ourselves, to invest in fun and leisure. It can be as simple as taking a morning walk or watching a series, I remember in the past I would go to the cinema by myself and it made me forget about life for a while, I enjoyed this as it was therapeutic to my mental state.

At the beginning of the year, I played some Monopoly at school, it was seriously the most fun I had this year. I was so focused on the game, only concerned with securing my properties and not having care of my real-world problems. I promised myself to buy this game as soon as I can. After all this fun I decided to enjoy more fun activities from time to time.

You might have a busy schedule and having to meet deadlines. Although you are unable to put time aside, I have come across a few games that you can play online during break time or lunch at work. These are quick online games that you can play while waiting for your appointments or that you can play to pass some time when you have too much time on your hands.

Mr. Doob Games

If you are someone who doesn’t have enough time but would love to keep your mind busy during those quick moments at work or even during a break at school you can try the Mr. Doob platform, it comes with various interactive spaces:

Spin Painter

Google Space


Ball Pool


Magic Dust

All these games have been designed by Mr. Doob from Barcelona, a rather shy coder and designer who’s done some pioneering web work. Go and check out the spaces and experiences the gravity of google interactive platforms

Online Sudoku

Say bye to paper and hello to online sudoku. A platform where you can do online sudoku puzzles from easy to impossible levels of difficulty. There are redo, delete, and notes functions whilst you solve the puzzle. This is a great way to exercise your brain and it reduces anxiety and stress. In the long run, this can help improve your memory and recall capabilities.


Storyboardthat is a platform where you can create your own cartoon stories, by selecting frames and building your cartoon from scratch. There is even a function to edit the poses, to give your characters the perfect body postures that fit your storyline. You can create funny stories to share with your friends (meme cartoons).

There are various settings and characters to choose from. Characters from different eras. You can add in speech bubble to add in words that the characters can say. This might take some time to build, but a great fun way of creating your own stories.

Online Chess

I was taught chess by an exchange student from Nederland. I remember it like it was yesterday. When I was in grade 8, she was in South Africa, she taught me how to play chess. I never pursued a professional journey in chess but it has certainly been a great game that teaches one to think logically.

You don’t have a board? Don’t stress, you can set up a free account online and play against other guest players. There is also an option of playing against a computer. When you feeling more confident you can enter the championships. This game might take you longer to complete but a good way to give your brain some exercise.

Online Monopoly

This is an online version for monopoly, the only disadvantage that it comes with a few ads. This game can be enjoyed amongst 2-4 players. A fun activity that you and your friends can play. It comes with full-screen functionality. If you are competitive and enjoy challenges then this game will be your favourite.

The stories I heard of monopoly, that it even breaks up friendships and families then you should go and find out why it’s the case . . .

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